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My name is Brigita Šilović and I was born on 03-04-1966 in Croatia. As a little girl I already loved to draw a lot of pictures. I began to use more colours and other techniques as I became older. Gradually painting became my greatest passion where I can visualize all my feelings, thoughts and emotions.

In 1989 moved I to The Netherlands, where I took the following courses to further enhance my abilities in painting.

  1. Graphical design  in Utrecht from 1994 – 1997
  2. Course drawing and painting at the Centre of arts in Nijmegen from 2001 – 2004

After completing these courses I devoted myself completely to painting. Inspiration for my paintings I find in everything and in everyday life, in things most people take for granted and whatever catches my attention. But also in emotional events or the deeper aspects of life.

Most of my paintings are created spontaneously. I also paint on commission, but I always try to impress my own style onto the paintings I make so that I can always stand completely behind my work and  be satisfied.
Through the years I developed my own recognizable style. This stands for who I am, what I create and my passion. I am very proud of that.

My paintings are my greatest passion in my life and I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed making them.


 Brigita Šilović



Brigita Silovic